Rock n Rolla


The charter prices include all the food and drink you will need for a happy day out on  the water with lots of ice cold drinks and freshly made snacks and meals. 
There is a good choice for you to order from before the charter or you are welcome to bring your own.
Snacks: nuts, crisps, vegetable sticks ‘n dips, including humus, olives and guacamole.
Meal choices include  satay , jerk, fried  chicken and fish, quiches, pasta, rice and  salads. Couscous, Humus, local Grapefruit and Avacado often available or any mix of the above or just tell us what you don’t want !
Drinks : Ice, chilled water, soda water and  coke . local juice and  beers . wine and rumpunch. 
For an additional fee, you can order Minuty Rosé, Vodka , Gin or other spirits, Sparkling Wine or imported beer case ( approx 25 US$ each )
Feel free to bring whatever extras you need, especially for kids !


Bring all the food and drink you need. With this option you can take off 20 % from the trip price.
example : 1/2 day trip for 4 to Carlisle Bay incl food and drink US $ 750  – 20% self catering US $ 600.
Beach Restaurants
We can also pick you up or drop you off at a small selection of beach restaurants and hotels around the coast for your meal out : 
Sheer Rocks, Catherines Cafe, L’ Brasserie , Carlisle Bay ,Casa Roots, Salt Plage.